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Enterprise 2.0: Marketplace 2009

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Latest analysis of the Enterprise 2.0 marketplace for 2009 with over 70 social computing platforms evaluated.

The term Enterprise 2.0 itself is used to describe “emergent, freeform, social” collaboration tools in the workplace. In their simplest form that means blogs, wikis, and social networks and we’re seeing wide adoption of these types of tools in the workplace this year. In fact, nearly half of large companies around the world have these tools in one form or another.

The challenge is that because it’s such an interesting space both in the consumer world and the enterprise, that means there are lots of players including commercial products, SaaS (hosted online), and open source. Sorting them out and figuring out which ones are strong contenders is hard work.

Read the full analysis of the Enterprise 2.0 Marketplace for 2009: Robust and Crowded. The Enterprise 2.0 Marketplace Map is below, you can also click on the visual to expand it to full size. You can get a list of the companies and their segment ranking here.

Map of the Enterprise 2.0 and Social Software Space for 2009 (similar to Gartner Magic Quadrant
Click To Enlarge

The visual is broken down into two primary: incumbent enterprise players that are frequently taking their CMS, DMS, and ECM systems and adding Web 2.0 features such as tagging, blogs, wikis, and user profiles, or Web startups and open source-based firms that have built Enterprise 2.0 apps from the ground up.

There’s a third category that represents the Enterprise 2.0 “Sweet Spot”. Only a few products reached this critical space (marked in green in the upper right) because they are both enterprise savvy and capable as well as had the right ingredients to enable Enterprise 2.0 and create vibrant internal collaborative communities.

Further Reading: The enterprise microblogging marketplace for mid-2009. The folks over at CMS Watch have created their own version of the enterprise social software map as well. You can read the details from Tony Byrne and I’ve included one of their key graphics below:

CMS Watch Social Software Sextant and Map for 2009

Written by Daniel Casarin

novembre 29, 2009 a 10:02 am

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